Green Glossary

Confused about the terms that are cropping up in the produce section of your local supermarket or when you wander around a farmer’s market?  I sure have been – sustainable, local, and organic.  What is the difference?  I found this simple explanation in the April 2009 issue of Better Homes & Gardens.   Sustainable – […]

Chicken Stock

Yield:  2 quarts   INGREDIENTS   2 tablespoons olive oil 2 large carrots, cut into chunks 2 celery stalks, cut into chunks 1 medium onion, halved 1 garlic bulb, halved Reserved chicken bones 2 quarts cold water 4 sprigs of fresh parsley 2 bay leaves   PREPARATION   Add 2 tablespoons olive oil to stockpot […]

Cookie Chemistry

  Ever wonder what part fats, sugars and other ingredients play in creating the perfect cookie?  Consider:    Fats The fats used in cookies can include butter, shortening or margarine.  Since butter melts the minute it hits a hot oven, cookies made with butter will spread more than those made with margarine or shortening.  Taste […]

Apple Chart

Apple Name Season Color Flavor/Texture Eating Baking Baldwin Oct-Jan Red/Yellowish Mellow Fair Fair Cortland Oct-Jan Green/Purple Mild, Tender Excellent Excellent Delicious, Red Sept-June Scarlet Sweet, Crunchy Excellent Good Delicious, Golden Sept-May Yellow Sweet, Semi-Firm Excellent Excellent Empire Sept-Nov Red Sweet, Crisp Excellent Good   Fuji Oct-June Red Sweet, Crisp, Juicy Good Not Recommended Gala      […]

Toasting Nuts

One thing that I believe is overlooked in many recipes is toasting nuts before you include them in your recipes.  This is especially true in baking.  Lightly toasting nuts, prior to adding  them into your recipe allows for the oils in nuts to be released.  By doing this, it produces a nuttier tasting nut and […]

Ten Tips For Great Food Photography

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Since beginning my food blog, I have picked up some tips on how best to photograph food.  Currently, I use a Canon Power Shot S5 IS and it does a credible job in photographing the foods that I prepare to showcase on the blog.  My daughter, 11 year old […]

Chidren’s Snacks – 20 Tips to Healthier Snacking

We all need to be more cognizant of our snacking habits and particularly those of our children. In June, 2007 the Mayo Clinic published these helpful tips on children’s snacking. Take a look….. 1. Give you kids a say. Offer comparable choices, such as regular or frozen yogurt, celery or carrots, whole-grain toast or whole-grain […]

Twenty-Five Great Ways To Use Meyer Lemons

An article appeared in the Los Angeles Times by Amy Scattergood that listed 100 ways to use Meyer lemons. Here are my favorite 25 from Amy’s list that will give you some ideas on how to incorporate Meyer lemons into your cooking and more. Make Meyer lemonade Make Meyer lemon-cardamon ice cream Assemble sandwiches of […]

Chiffonade – (shiff-oh-NAHD)

The French translation of chiffonade literally means “made of rags”. Although the name chiffonade conjures up thoughts of a fancy French dessert like a chiffon cake or something, in the culinary world, chiffonade is simply a term for slicing herbs into very thin strips. This technique is particularly useful in introducing basil into any number […]