This website is dedicated to providing you with easy comfort food recipes and more. I love to cook for my family and friends and more often than not, my cooking tends to gravitate toward hearty, simple meals. Perhaps, this is founded in my Midwestern roots and growing up in a family where farming and the “farmer’s table” were a way of life.  


I have no formal training in cooking or baking, but rather have learned from practice, reading innumerable cookbooks, relatives, and the many wonderful women that support farm families and generously share their recipes.


I have been publishing this website for more than a year now and have been gratified that each and every month more and more of you stop in for a visit.  In addition, there is a growing group of visitors that make repeat visits and that's awesome!  As the site has evolved, I have expanded to include more vegetarian recipes, product information, reviews and yes, dessert recipes.  Every month, desserts seem to be the most frequently viewed, so I will continue to add more dessert options.  It appears that there are more folks than just me that think desserts are an important part of the comfort food genre.  In the future, look for a comfort food cookbook, launch of comfort food products and other new features on CCF that I hope that you will find helpful.  


I would like to thank my daughter Maria, who is my sous chef in the kitchen and resident food photographer.  I think that she does a phenomenal job on both counts.  Kudos to the rest of my immediate family for so patiently waiting while Maria and I photograph a new addition to the website, before sitting down to dinner.  Finally, thanks to Demetria and Andrew who continue to support this venture both in spirit and with their technological expertise.


I hope that you will enjoy visiting my website and preparing, in my opinion, some of the best comfort foods around.  As always, please feel free to share your comments and your favorite comfort food recipes.  



Carol Clark





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