Classic Mashed Potatoes


These are just your basic mashed potatoes that epitomizes what “comfort foods” are all about.  These are rich, buttery, and creamy, with lots of butter and whipping cream.  When you are feeling the need for something comforting, for me, these are right up there with macaroni and cheese!


1 ½ lb russet potatoes

¼ tsp kosher salt

Grated black pepper to taste

1 cup heavy whipping cream – more or less, dependent on taste

½ stick of butter



Peel potatoes and place them in a large pan, making sure that water fully covers the potatoes.  Cook on medium high heat, until fork tender.  Remove from heat and drain in colander.  Return to pan and turn the heat on low.  Stir the potatoes for approximately 30 seconds, so the heat will absorb any excess water in the potatoes that was not drained.

Remove from heat and add whipping cream and butter to the potatoes.  Using a potato masher, mash potatoes to the consistency that suits your taste.