Panda’s On Parade


Aren’t these cute?  Amazing what you can do with a couple of cupcakes.  My daughter and I made these last night using two types of cupcakes and the directions from a wonderful book entitled Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  It has step by step instructions on how to make some awesome cupcakes.  Most of the designs use cupcakes as the foundation, but much of the detail is created with candies, cookies, decorating sugars, cereal, and the like. 


Overall, the author gives very detailed and easy to understand instructions in completing each cupcake design.  The author states that most of these cupcake designs can be created with tools that you already have in the home and she particularly stresses that Ziploc bags work well as a pastry bag.  She is correct in that many of the tools that are needed to complete the custom cupcakes are things that you readily have at home, however I would disagree that the Ziploc bags are an adequate substitute for a pastry bag. 


My daughter and I attempted the Ziploc bag piping and found that it did not come out as nice as using a regular pastry bag and tips.  We abandoned the Ziploc technology about half way through the project, so our panda’s facial feature are not as clean as we would have liked for them to be, however we piped on the claws and I think you can see the difference. 


By all means, try the Ziploc bags, however if you are going to be making lots of custom cupcakes, I would recommend purchasing a regular pastry bag and tips and using those for the detailed piping work.  For convenience, you can purchase plastic disposable pastry bags that will work just fine with the coupler and tips that come with a standard pastry bag.