Review – “Bold Stock” From College Inn


I love to make soups and although I tend to use chicken or vegetable stock most of the time, occasionally I’ll be making a beef stew or beef vegetable soup and need to add some beef stock.  In the past, I have been reluctant to use it, as most of it was loaded with sodium and tasted horrible.  Thankfully, most manufacturers have started to offer lower sodium varieties in all of their stocks, including beef stock.


Recently, when I was at the store and wanted to pick up some beef stock for a stew I was going to make, I noticed a new brand on the shelf “Bold Stock” from College Inn.  I decided to give it a try, instead of the regular beef stock that I would normally use in my stew.  The variety that I picked up was “Beef Sirloin” flavor and the label said that the stock was made with select beef, carrots, celery and onion and would provide a more intense flavor for sauces, risottos and soups.


I used the Bold Stock in my beef stew, instead of my usual stock.  It did indeed provide a more intense beef flavor to my stew and this was accomplished without a heavy sodium taste.  However, there was a distinctive “sirloin” flavor to my stew, one than I don’t get using the normal beef stock.  Although, on the label it says “beef sirloin” flavor, somehow I didn’t think that it would be quite as pronounced a sirloin flavor as it was in the dish.  Mind you, it didn’t taste bad at all, just different and not expected. 


Consequently, I would recommend this product, if you are looking to really enhance a beef dish and want a fairly intense “sirloin beef” flavor in it.  If not, and you are trying to achieve a milder, beef flavor to a stew or soup, I would stick with the regular low-sodium beef stocks that are offered by a number of food manufacturers, including the regular College Inn brand.