Review – Caldrea Liquid Dish Soap


If you really want an over the top dishwashing experience, try Caldrea liquid dish soap.  I recently visited their website and ordered the Basil Blue Sage and Ginger Pomelo dish soaps to give them a test run.  The fragrances sounded lovely and I thought that if you had to be washing dishes from time to time, it would be nice to have a wonderful fragrance wafting up from the sink, rather than the ordinary over perfumed scent of the usual household dish soaps.  However, I was skeptical about how well they would clean and hold up to a sink full of dishes.


The Basil Blue Sage is made from the essential oils of basil, rosemary and sage herbs.  The fragrance is light, not overpowering, but the scent of basil and rosemary definitely are present.  Ginger Pomelo is a combination of ginger, grapefruit and pomelo.  Pomelo is a grapefruit-like citrus, that originates from Polynesia and the West Indies.  


I tested both dish soaps with a sink full of dirty dishes and was pleasantly surprised.  They stand up very well to your typical liquid dish soaps.  Both of them created an ample amount of suds, had good lasting power, and cleaned the dishes very well.  The only difference that I was able to discern is that you have the lovely fragrances of the soap drifting up from the sink as you wash the dishes and they leave a lingering herbal scent on your hands, long after you’ve finished washing the dishes.


Obviously, there is a price that you pay for dish washing luxury.  Each 16 ounce bottle of liquid dish soap is approximately $9.00  Although, this is significantly higher than the brands you routinely purchase at the grocery store, every once in awhile, I say if we’re standing over a hot sink of dirty dishes, we deserve it!  If you agree, Caldrea has a wide variety of high end products that can be ordered online or are available in a limited number of retail shops throughout the country.