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An article appeared in the Los Angeles Times by Amy Scattergood that listed 100 ways to use Meyer lemons. Here are my favorite 25 from Amy’s list that will give you some ideas on how to incorporate Meyer lemons into your cooking and more.

  • Make Meyer lemonade
  • Make Meyer lemon-cardamon ice cream
  • Assemble sandwiches of thinly sliced lemons, smoked salmon and sour cream on pumpernickel bread.
  • Candy the peel, dusting with superfine sugar.
  • To a risotto made with mascarpone and Parmesan, add some grated Meyer lemon peel.
  • Rub a Meyer lemon peel around the rim of a demitasse of expresso.
  • Make Meyer lemon curd
  • Try your hand at making Meyer lemon frozen soufflés.
  • Make Meyer lemon chiffon cake
  • Make Meyer lemon hollandaise sauce.
  • Bake Meyer lemon meringue pie.
  • Drop a few slices into a pot of tea.
  • Make Meyer lemon limoncello by steeping lemon peel in a bottle of vodka for two weeks. Then strain the infused vodka, mix with simple syrup and more vodka, and bottle the result.
  • Add Meyer lemon zest to French toast.
  • Whisk together a Meyer lemon beurre blanc by reducing lemon juice, shallots, salt and pepper, then whisk in cubes of cold butter. Makes a terrific pan sauce to serve with salmon or Arctic char.
  • Make a Meyer lemon crème Anglaise
  • Slice a few Meyer lemons and put them into your bath with a sprinkle of lavender and rosemary.
  • Make a Meyer lemon aioli for your crab cakes
  • Add grated Meyer lemons to your favorite shortbread recipe.
  • Hollow out the interior of whole Meyer lemons, fill them with Meyer lemon ice cream, then freeze them.
  • Make Meyer lemon marmalade
  • Squeeze wedges of Meyer lemons onto fresh fish tacos
  • Place a basket of Meyer lemons in a wooden bowl in the middle of the table.
  • Open a Meyer lemonade stand on your street.

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